Preventing Head Lice in Children

September 4, 2019 Benjamin Jimenez 0

The biggest issue parents have regarding their kids’ hygiene is that they have lice in their heads. Most of the parents are worried about how to get rid of head lice. Since they say that they have been trying to eliminate them but they are not succeeding.

Lice are contagious and spread from head to head. The infestation of lice happens mostly when the kids are from the age of 3 to 11. They are most likely to have lice infestation because they play with other kids, they study with their little fellows at schools and also when they sleep on infected blankets or beds.

The chances of having lice are high when parents do not take much care of their kids’ hair. Special care of kids’ hair is required on a daily or regular basis. Since they are kids they cannot manage with lice and the eggs of lice. Kids do not know how to tackle such situations. Even they do not realize the presence of lice in the beginning. When they become older they get to know about the existence of such creatures. 

Head lice spread through the hair to hair contact, they do not hop or jump, they are tiny creatures who crawl very quickly. Lice do not cause any illness or disease rather they cause itching and disturb kids all day and night.  These are the tiny, almost the size of a seed. Their hosts are human heads. They are external parasites which live on the scalps.

Move through the hair, lay eggs which are also known as nits. Most parents think that these nits are to be eliminated first which will ultimately control the growth of lice. Lice reproduce very quickly and their growth rate is very fast. That is why people get excess of such parasites if they do not care regularly. It is very much needed to get rid of these unwanted hosts and do some preventive measures.  

Treatment of lice and nits

From the beginning the simple way, first, use a comb at home. Select the comb which is clean and good enough to get the lice and nits out of your hair. Start combing from the top of the head and move it to the down towards the neck. Repeat it twice or thrice and gradually change the position of the comb. In this way, you will get rid of lice and nits if you repeat and continue using nit comb regularly.

There are also cases which state that nit comb is not effective and even after its usage lice and nits are not eliminated permanently. So for this, you can use good quality shampoo. You can use medication and follow the terms and condition of the application of those medications. If problems retain for a long time, you must consult a doctor.

Where lice can infest?

There are different places where lice infest. Wherever there are hairs on the body they can infest and can start their reproduction and growth.  There are types of lice:

  • Head lice
  • Pubic lice

Head lice are found in hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows.  They live and grow in such areas. They cannot live outside of the hair. If they get out of your head or any hairy place they die within 24 hours. They cannot survive outside. They need hair to crawl and survive. 

Checking the lice and nits

It is not a problem or a shame if you have lice or nits. It does not mean you are not clean. These bloodsuckers can infest anybody’s head. But you need to check your head and your kids head regularly. You should look carefully at the hair thoroughly and try to stop their invasion and take measures to decrease their growth.

Usually, kids have 10 to 20 lice because they have exposure with other kids so the chances of having nits and lice are great. Be careful about your kids. They will not be able to put all the concentration on their studies or the tasks they would have assigned at school. For them, it is very much necessary to have their hair neat and clean and lice free.

Teach your children and let them know about lice and the methods of their infestations. Ask them to avoid contacts with other kids’ head. They should not share combs. Not only combs but also caps and other hair accessories should not be shared as there are more chances of having nits and lice in them which ultimately will spread them to other kids.

Ask your kids to wash their hair regularly and use nit combs after cleaning the hair. Apart from that, there is no need to do extra cleaning; there is no need to disinfect the house.

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