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Pesticides are any form off a chemical that kills or inhibit their growth or mutilate their reproduction. They come in all forms from a pest spray to grains and to sprays. Their use is dependent if we know the type of pest that is residing in our homes.
We should know about the types of pesticides so we can choose the one that is easy to use and not harmful to humans and yes have long-lasting effects.
Researchers say that pest powders and dust are the one most commonly used because of their easy handling in contrast to liquids and soaps that are known to be quite hazardous. So always do research for best bed bud powder you can buy.
So here we list down some of the widely used pest powders and how to kill bed bugs and pest from them. But before knowing the powders we must know how to use them for killing bed bugs.

This is the most adaptive and reasonable method for control of the pest. It is widely used by farmers and has been in practice for long. Pest control sprays are used to kill pests. When the wave of pests enters the farm, the farmer uses the spray method to protect its crop from injurious insects as it is faster as compared to others. It may pollute the environment you live in. Its improper use may outbreak several diseases or it may develop resistance in insects. Read a proper guide on how to kill bed bugs and know how to tell if you have bed bugs.

How Did Pest Control Start?

The use of pest control is as old as the concept of agriculture. Around 3000BC cats were used to control pests and to conserve the grains from rodents.

Chemical pesticides were used at almost around 2500BC when the Sumerians used the sulfur to control pests. After further digging upon this method arsenical products were used to control the pests. Now the world was evolving and gone were the days where the pests would destroy the whole economy. With industrialization and more innovation, there was the use of other compounds as an insecticide. The world is now really appreciating the invention of pesticides and is improving the variety of it each day.

How to Apply the Pest Dust.

So the advantage of using the powders is that they first share easily dispersible because if we see the bug and can’t see the eggs then the powder can travel to that extent. Secondly, its stickiness to the skin of the bug makes them not to move and thus slowly die. Said that before but powders are easier to use and less harmful as compared to the liquid in which case the person can get serious damage if you get exposed to them moreover, they are less efficient than bed bug powders.

6 Best Bed Bug Powders.

Diatomaceous Earth
This product is sold in both packages from larger i.e. SAFER and in smaller bottles i.e. HARRIS.
But which one to use? That depends on the type of infestation i.e. if you have smaller scale damage then use HARRIS but if you have larger then use SAFFER.

The 4 lb. pack o safer is very popular and 100% natural which is used for getting rid of cockroaches and other small insects. The main advantage is that insects do not become immune to it because the ingredients are not the ones that cause immunity and is used for larger infestation

Harris De
This product is available in a bottle that is convenient to use. The company claims that it acts for a few weeks as long as it is dry. The feedback is quite positive to say that it sticks to the insect and thus dehydrates and kills it.
Cimexa Organic Insecticides.
This insecticide contains 100% silica gel and is a bit more expensive than the others. It also targets numerous insects including fleas’ termites’ cockroaches can be used as such in powdered form or as a spray. Its importance is yet to be known but mostly it got positive remarks.

Delta Dust Multi 
This product is supplied in 1lb tube and shockingly has gone some very good reviews and a high rating of 4.4  out of 5. With is a wide range of targeted pest which includes almost 30 species off household and garden pests
Its active ingredient is delta metering which makes it active even in a moist environment as compared to other products. Area covered by it is almost 2000 square feet per single pound and has a long-lasting effect off 7 months.

Drone Pest Insecticide Dust 
This product has been awarded 44.6 ratings out of 5 because off its efficient ingredients which include amorphous silica base gel. It contains 1% silica gel and 40% Pyrethrin. it promises a long-lasting effect of over 6 months.
BED BUGS HATE DRION, says one customer. The strong pugnacity of its ingredients can quickly kill one insect but for a large scale, It needs a few weeks for the destruction.
Caution: don’t use it near the ventilation or ACs.


So the problem of how to kill the pests and e dugs is solved if you use one of the above products. This problem is not to be taken lightly because it takes a great deal to eliminate the last of their generations .Especially the bed bugs because they are as difficult to be eliminated as to get their location and their hives.